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Ledbury Park Veterinary Centre

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Registration is open to owners within an approximate 10 mile radius of the practice, and is handled solely by our reception team - please don't ask any of our vets or nurses to add you/your pet to our database.

The registration process does take a little time and we can't make you an appointment until it is complete.

Please phone after 10am on weekdays if you would like to register your pet.

We'll need your name, address, phone number and email address, and the name, breed, colour, sex and insurance details of your pet. We'll need to know which vet practice your pet is currently registered with (if applicable), so that we can request their clinical records. We can't register your pet without these.
Your current practice will need your permission to send these records - you can wait for them to call you or ring them first.#

Finally we'll send you a copy of our terms and conditions and if you're happy to accept them, please reply to our email to confirm.
You should then call us to make an appointment for your pet's free health check!