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Prescription Only Medicines Category V (POM-V’s) are available directly from us when prescribed by our veterinary surgeons or prescriptions can be written for you to collect at another practice or pharmacy. There is a charge for supplying prescriptions and responsibility will not be taken for medicines purchased elsewhere. These prescriptions may only be supplied for animals under our care.

Please note that a prescription may not always be appropriate, for example if your animal is an in-patient or requires immediate treatment. and will be subject to re-assessment of the patient.

Repeat supplies of POM-Vs are possible for animals on long-term treatment plans. Animals requiring repeat prescriptions must legally be under the care of the prescribing veterinary surgeon, having been examined "recently enough or often enough for the veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal or current health status of the herd or flock to make a diagnosis and prescribe".

Our general policy is to reassess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every three months, but this may vary with individual circumstances and conditions. The standard fee for re-examination is £36.00 inclusive of VAT. If your pet requires blood tests as part of their treatment monitoring, these are priced separately and an estimate can be provided on request.

All requests for medicines and supplies should be made in advance wherever possible to ensure the supply has been authorised by a veterinary surgeon and is available for you to collect.

Further information regarding veterinary medicines regulations can be found here