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Sometimes a case necessitates the services of a specialist, either in the form of a case discussion, an examination of X-ray images or ECG traces, or a physical examination of the patient at a specialist centre for that particular area of medicine or surgery. Most referral appointments are arranged very quickly, often within a few days. See below for links to the referral centres we use most often.

We have a visiting orthopaedic surgeon who is able to perform many orthopaedic procedures "in-house" so your pet doesn't need to travel further afield.

Our dog and cat patients can be referred to Bradfords Veterinary Physiotherapists for a variety of issues, including post-operative rehabilitation, joint stiffness, soft tissue injury and movement dysfunction. Dogs are generally seen at Ledbury Park Veterinary Centre, although home visits can be arranged.

Bradfords Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for dogs, cats and horses

Eye Veterinary Clinic, Leominster - all species


Willows Referrals - multidiscipline centre in Solihull



Heartvets - satellite clinics at Vale and Willows

Vale Referrals, Dursley - multidiscipline centre



Cave Veterinary Specialists, Somerset - we use them for their oncology expertise (cancer treatment)

Langford Veterinary Services, Bristol Veterinary School - multidiscipline centre for dogs and cats