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Ledbury Park Veterinary Centre

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Experienced care for your pets

We see a wide variety of pet animals; dogs. cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, small furries (such as rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils) and birds including poultry. We also work closely with local volunteers caring for hedgehogs.


Consultations are generally by appointment only. Wherever possible, your pet will be scheduled to see the same Veterinary Surgeon at each visit, to maintain continuity and help build the relationship between the patient and the clinician.

Nurse clinics

  • Weight checks - incorrect nutrition can cause both obesity and malnourishment. It's free to see one of our nurses and have your pet's weight checked
  • Dental checks - dirty teeth can lead to a sore mouth and difficulty eating, gum infectons and in the worst case, decay of the teeth
  • Geriatric checks - as your pet ages it is important that he or she is examined regularly to help pick up up on the early signs of any problems. One of our nurses will be pleased to carry out an intial assessment of your pet.

Home visits can be arranged, as we recognise that sometimes this is a less stressful option for your pet. However, examination at the surgery is often preferable, as all the equipment necessary for a thorough examinaton is close at hand.

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dog suitcase

Passports grow ever more popular, and enable your pet to travel with you to participating countries in Europe and further afield without the need for quarantine on your return to the UK. There are strict requirements to be met in terms of microchipping, vaccination against rabies and parasite control; the DEFRA website is the best source of current information. 

Microchips are the best way of permanently identifiying your pet and reuniting lost pets with their owners. It is now a legal requirement in England that all dogs must be fitted with a microchip by the time they are eight weeks old. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and is usually implanted under the loose skin at the scruff of the neck in cats and dogs. We use other sites in other species such as horses, tortoises and even fish. The chip holds a unique number, which is used to store information about you and your pet on a national secure database, accessible to us 24 hours a day. One of our nurses was recently reunited with her cat who had been missing for over a year! More information about microchips can be found here.



Repeat prescriptions are available on request at the discretion of your veterinary surgeon. Please also see our Medicines page.

We are responsible for the treatment and welfare of pets under our care, and must re-assess all patients on longterm medication at regular intervals. Prescriptions for purchase of medicines from an alternative supplier are also available for a small fee. It is not always possible to provide such prescriptions, for example for Controlled Drugs or if treatment is required urgently. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Code of Professional Conduct sets out the rules regarding veterinary medicines. Please allow 24 hours for all prescription requests to be processed.

Payment is expected at the time of examination, treatment or collection of all companion animal patients. An estimate of the costs of your pet's treatment can be provided upon request. We accept payment by cash, cheque, and most credit and debit cards.